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Home health care provides skilled nursing care, physical and occupational therapy, speech-language therapy services, and medical social services in the comfort of your home. Home health care is ordered by your doctor, and if you're leaving a facility like a hospital or skilled nursing facility, the discharge planner may help transition your care from the facility to home health care. Health care professionals from a Medicare-certified home health agency work with you and your doctor to evaluate your health care needs and write your plan of care, which tells you what home care services you need. The home health agency staff will teach you and your caregiver(s) (family or friends who are helping you) to continue any care you may need in the future, including wound care, therapy, and disease management. The goal is to help you reach and keep your best physical, mental, and social well-being. CarePeople Home Health can help you get better, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible.

Physical Therapy Session


CarePeople Home Health nurses perform a variety of specialized and highly skilled nursing services, coordinate the treatment plan with the other team members, and communicate with the patient's physician and family. A registered nurse makes the initial evaluation visit, develops the plan of treatment, regularly re-evaluates the patient's care needs and provides preventive and rehabilitative nursing services.

Nursing services may include

  •  Adult home infusion therapy

  •  Cardiopulmonary disease management

  •  Diabetic educator services

  •  Wound and Ostomy care

  •  Catheter care

  •  Gastronomy tube care

  •  Tracheotomy care/suctioning/ Oxygen Care

  •  Wound V.A.C. Therapy

  •  CoaguChek® anticoagulation monitoring




Upon evaluation, CarePeople Home Health's licensed physical therapists develop a treatment plan, in conjunction with the patient's physician, for patients with various neurological, bone, or muscular disorders. Our physical therapists help patients to regain their strength and balance, prevent falls, increase range of motion, and decrease pain. Through therapeutic exercise programs, patients can increase their strength, muscle function, coordination, endurance, and mobility. This is especially important after a fall, injury, or surgery.




Our occupational therapists help patients to safely and independently perform activities of daily living, including cooking, bathing and dressing. Using a wide range of interventions, our therapists adapt tasks and modify the environment to enhance each patient's ability to function in their physical and social environment. They provide sensori-motor treatments for strength, endurance, range of motion, coordination and balance, as well as therapeutic activities for memory, orientation, cognitive integration and daily life skills.



Speech therapy may be an integral part of a patient's rehabilitation. Carepeople Home health's certified speech pathologists will work to increase a patient's communication skills and the oral motor-skills required for safe swallowing.

We are experiencing shortage of staff, and ST is currently not available.

We are actively hiring a Speech Therapist.




Patients may require non-medical assistance such as help with personal care and activities of daily living. Carepeople Home Health's Home Health Aides can provide personal care such as bathing, using the toilet, or dressing.




Medicare, Medicaid and many insurance plans cover home health care visits provided by a licensed agency like CarePeople Home Health when ordered by your physician. We will work with your insurance provider to review your benefits.

If you are confined to your home and need intermittent skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, Medicare pays 100% of qualifying services provided in the home as ordered by a physician.


If you meet the eligibility criteria for Medicaid, you may also be eligible for personal care services paid for by Medicaid.


If you have long-term care insurance, your policy may pay for personal care services. Check your insurance policy for its coverage. We will work with your insurance provider to review your benefits. CarePeople Home Health Services charges both per hour and per visit rate depending on the services requested in your home.

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